Hi! My name's Cass and I write fiction and nonfiction under the author name, L Penn. Here I am with renowned D.J. Tim Westwood at a club in London, 5-years ago.


Born in Leicestershire, UK, during the 60's, some of my writings have raised eyebrows of literary peers. I won't complain as I'm non-conventional myself, given the general rule.


From my diverse background witnessing social ills, some get reflected in my work hence the love I have for my lead characters who go through "hardship and adversity". Quite often I wish I had their resolve.


Never one who treads lightly with my work, I enjoy penning emotive, powerful stories. My fourth book currently being written, is another roller coaster high-drama of love and hate, and I'm looking to complete it by years end.

Working on health and well-being and having my eyes opened by alternative media, I'm looking forward to my twilight years. Growing old isn't so bad because you wise up to everything around you. 

I chose this picture of Barbara Palvin whose look encapsulates the character of Rebecca. My sister said this is a, 'Yeah, I'll get you when I'm ready' shot, so...it was perfect!


I wrote Spilling in 1990, at the age of 23. It was my eighth book. I completed nine but never finished my tenth as I arrived in London to teach in 1992 and became sidetracked with partying and growing. Then, in 2014, I picked up the pen again and after revising my book and penning Spilling's screenplay (a London film festival said it would never get past the censors and would be banned), I'm embarking on a new path to have my voice heard. 

Many publishers balked and choked at the ferocity of my book but that's due to the same old gatekeepers holding up, 'their standards', with the keys to the gate. They won't let you pass unless you are one of them. I get that now. But since when has an underdog given up?  


I go against the grain in everything I do, so, for the mavericks out there, check this book out and tell me what you think. One day we'll hopefully make the film and give rise to new faces and new voices who dare to be different. As it's often said; these are my words, my way.


Look out for more material coming soon.

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