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Steph Warren ***

"At all times it creates a distinctive voice and style that grabs the story by the neck and throws it up against the reader’s walls of expectation."  Read her surprising full review here:

Bookshine and Readbows


Susan Hampson *****

"What an incredible story this is!"

Read her fabulous review here: Books From Dusk Till Dawn 


Ruty B *****

"I found this book hard to read not because it was bad, on the contrary, I LOVED IT."

Read her brilliant breathless review here: Reading Dreaming Book Reviews

Dianne Beth ****

"...a love story that knows no bounds with no action or sacrifice too great."

Read Dianne's fantastic review here: Tome Tender Book Blog

Echoes In An Empty Room by Hannah  ****                                       

I love the fact that straight from the word go, this story is powerful, we as readers get to read about flashbacks that Emery is having and about how her life has changed. There are an interesting bunch of characters and many emotional and intriguing things along the way with family and friends. The ending left me in tears. A thought provoking read.

Amy Shannon Writer and Reviewer  ****

"I liked that the author was bold - giving the main character intense and gritty scenes"

Read Amy's amazing review linked here: Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

Jeyran Main Book Reviewer ****

"I treasured the romance aspect of the book. I strongly believe that if a story is to be passionately inclined, then it should be pure and not Hollywood-ish. I believe the author achieved that in this work." Read more of this astute reviewer's words HERE!

A uniformly entertaining read by Enas Book Reviews   *****

‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ is an intelligent and entertaining blend of an intriguing mystery neatly woven into a delightful, absorbing tale of a young girl with a flawed character.

Author L. Penn masterfully draws out the suspense by revealing the underlying truth of Emery Pearson’s life by flipping chapters back and forth, keeping the readers rooted with an engrossing narration of Emery’s romance and smoking love life with Jack Charles during collage years and her therapy sessions with Dr. Susan James where she is trying to prove she is no longer a threat and worthy of a certified release.

‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ as a whole is a believable, brief portal into a young girl's innocent thought process that sounds familiar and almost exotic. Author L. Penn manages to evoke emotional attachment for her protagonist through flashbacks that were well placed throughout the main story to heighten the tension of the main plot.

Weaving a uniformly entertaining plot with pieces that read like fragments rather than complete story, ‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ is a 5 star read that effortlessly unpacks several socially relevant themes that are bound to be relished by fans of multiple genre.

Jeannie Campbell  *****  

I had read the last book "Spilling Blood "... so was waiting for the next. I was NOT expecting such an "end of my seat " roller coaster ride while reading. The distinctive way this writer pulls me in and takes me on a Journey that I feel is "all mine", is a gift beyond words I I really felt and fell deeply for "Emery" I had to rein myself in from falling for the feisty and yet at times "Childlike" vulnerable Character...merging into the determined wise sensuous woman. Very much wanting to find her unique sense of control, when faced with hardship and adversity
Peter pan or Tinkerbell descriptions of nature and innocent memories were Beautifully mastered and Conjured up in the creative mind of this writer but don't get too caught in that moment of calm...there is plenty to wake you up from those dreamy moments in more ways than you could imagine...life can be testing, are you brave enough? This Book could be made into Film, in which I would be willing to line up for...bring on the producers and directors, where the hell are you !

G F McKay  ****

I received a 'comp copy' to read and review, and after the first few pages register's it's a clever story of "in your face" told flashbacks, the rest of the book smacks you in the face. Wow, a woman, her sex life, and therapy, what a mix! I was left reeling with the surprises of the characters in every chapter, exposing highly emotive stuff about family and friends and the one true love of your life. The suspense builds to a shocking finale that left me with a lump in my throat and I am not one for easy crying. Really enjoyed it! Well done, Leah. Missing Him: A real love story

Monica Benjamin  *****

The previous reviews are spot on about this book, so much so that I struggled at first to write what I could add to praise this smartly written novel.
Well done to the author for writing two books (first one, Spilling Blood) that had me turning the pages willing the following chapters to be just as enthralling as the last, and I wasn't disappointed.  With 'Missing Him' I felt like I wanted to be 'Emery', as she's so emotionally attractive! and as for her passion for Jack, read the book and you'll see why the love Emery has for him had to be written about.
If this author writes a third novel, then I shall surely be reading it, the only downfall would be that if the third book would be just as good (which I believe that it would be) and I were to write a review, I would just have to copy and paste most of what I have just written.

Monday, ‎16 ‎July ‎2018.                           Testimonial from an ARC gift.

Released 20th Feb 2018

Mature Audiences ONLY

Contains Adult Themes

317 pages

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