Raw, realistic storytelling of conflict and resolution.


Best friends keep secrets.


When two schoolgirls decide to fight back against their attackers, every faculty explodes in this raw and natural story.


Spilling Blood is a portrait of those turbulent years where emotional discovery is at the forefront of every - and any - thing.


Strong fiction with teenage protagonists, it tackles family and school strife head on in a fresh and distinct narrative that doesn't hold back.


Please be ready, for Toni Simms and Rebecca Hayes are going to take you on their revolutionary journey.


An unflinching and powerful tale of rape, revenge, and redemption 

410 pages; revised 1st March, 2020


Book Blogger & Reviewer, Susan Hampson, gave it 4 STARS **** said;

This isn’t a read for the squeamish, it has scenes of rape and violence, which are quite graphic at times so it won’t be for everyone.

Leah Penn always tackles her stories head-on and holds nothing back, you get the full horror of events that take place, with both the physical and emotional damage to a victim...READ the rest of her incredible review here.

Author & Book reviewer, Amy Shannon, rated it 5 STARS ***** said;

"Raw and Gritty. This is a remarkable story by Penn, and definitely not for the light hearted. I have read Penn's other work, and found this one to be my favorite so far. I like the characters, and the plot feels real and definitely believable. I like that Penn does not step away from the details and concept of revenge against a rapist. The premise was wonderful, and it allowed for hope and wonder of this story. This story grabbed me from the beginning, and I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end. I look forward to reading more by this author."

Book Reviewer,  Jeyran Main, rated it 5 STARS ***** said;

Spilling blood is a story of revenge. The author tells the story of a teenager who is raped by her boyfriend and how she takes every measure to take back what she feels she lost. Toni is strong, and with the help of her best friend Rebecca, the story becomes a well compelling tale of two girls discovering a way to endure the pain of being taken advantage of.


The bond between the two girls was admirable, and the friendship they had brought out the best part of the book. The tale was filled with many touching scenes, and some of that may have been sensitive to the audience. Revenge is the name of the game, and redemption is what they seek.


The storytelling was emotional and descriptive. Due to the nature of the content, I felt as if I, too, wanted revenge. The literature was descriptive to a point where the reader could understand the idea of how the experience would have been felt.


I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading fictional novels, and that discusses sensitive topics such as sexual abuse.

M. Benjamin, purchaser, rated it 5 STARS ***** said;

A realistic, brutal and disturbing story, but surprisingly a very good read. My opinion, I cannot see anyone having purchased this book would be disappointed, shocked, but not disappointed.

G Francis McKay, complimentary copy, rated it 4 STARS **** said;

This book tells it how it is and boy does it tell it. The horror of rape and revenge laid bare. Having got this highly-styled version for review I can only say wow! Poignant, haunting, shocking, with a difficult opener but its honesty and delivery is just moving. Really loved the two main characters and the book's 'bending of the rules' theme. I thought it was brill but not prepared to give five stars even though I am tempted. Different, deadly, dark stuff. Loved it!

Tackles very brave and important issues

N Gall, Conway VG Agents


Enjoyed reading Spilling, which stood out from the many we receive 

L Morris, Curtis Brown Group


A powerful and moving storyline that had a lot of emotion 

S Morgan, Red Production Company

While it's well-written, I don't think I'm the right person to represent it 

Samar Hammam, Rockingchair Books

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